I have owned an RV before, why should I pay for an inspection?

My experience and unbiased inspection will result in an impartial report. Buyers often want to buy the units they are requesting an inspection on, leading them to possibly overlook glaring or hidden issues with the unit. Instead, I have been trained to thoroughly assess the units condition, as is with no emotional investment. If the report confirms your contentment with the unit, you will be reassured of your purchase. If the report finds unknown issues you aren't comfortable with, this is success too!

What is the difference between your inspections and one done in a repair shop?

My end goal is a thorough inspection, a repair's shops end goal may be to gain repair work. It's very hard to perform an unbiased inspection when you can gain possible income from repairs.

What is the NRVIA?

The NRVIA (National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association) creates professional recreational vehicle inspectors through education, testing, and certification. They maintain a strong code of ethics, industry network of support, and continued education.

Who gets a copy of the inspection?

When you hire me for the inspection, you will receive a full email copy of the inspection along with fifty photos. If you would like a copy to go to the dealer or seller, that is your choice.

Where will you travel for an inspection?

We are based about 20 minutes south of Madison, WI. Our base price includes travel within a 50 mile radius of Madison, WI. We regularly travel to Milwaukee, WI,  Chicago, IL, Indianapolis, IN, Elkhart, IN, Nashville, TN, Louisville, KY and all across the Midwest.  For example, an inspection in Nashville, TN adds about $200.00 to the cost of the inspection. We have traveled as far away as Florida and California to inspect a Prevost Coach.

Do you inspect new RVs?

Absolutely!  Unfortunately, it is common for RVs to roll of the assembly line with an array of problems.  Save time and headaches by preventing costly repair trips to the dealer or factory. It's helpful to catch the problems before you take delivery of your new RV, so you can enjoy your travels straight away.

Would you perform an inspection on an RV I am selling, not buying?

Yes!  Having a full inspection prior to putting your unit up for sale will offer buyers a piece of mind and usually results in faster sales!

How long does the inspection take?

The time it takes for a complete inspection varies depending on the size of the coach.

  • Most full-size Class A coaches, buses, and fifth wheel trailers take 6-8 hours.
  • Travel trailers, Class C and B units take 5-6 hours.
  • Smaller trailers and truck campers take around 4 -5 hours.

When do I pay for my inspection?

All fees are due prior to the inspection. I take credit card, Paypal, check, or cash. When you receive an email from Homeguage please digitally sign the inspection contract. This will include the date and location details of your the inspection.

Where does the inspection take place?

To give you the most complete inspection, the coach will need to be plugged into power, water and sewer.  If you are purchasing from a dealer, they will usually provide this service. Private party sellers will usually set the RV up at an RV park for inspection. If the unit is near the Madison, WI area, our location has a full hook up RV site that can be used for no charge, and we will offer a discount if the unit is inspected at our location.

What if I cannot get the unit to a full hook up for inspection?

We can bring a portable generator to provide 30 amp power and test most systems on the unit.  If we can not test any systems per our normal procedures. we will note it on the report.

Should I turn on the refrigerator?

It is best if the RV fridge can be turned on the night before the inspection is to take place.

Do you drive the RV?

Due to insurance regulations, I do not drive the RV. However, if the seller or dealer agrees, I will happily ride in the coach and note anything that I find on the inspection report.  We always recommend before finalizing your purchase that you drive the unit yourself as units and driving comfort varies greatly.

Do I need to be present for the inspection?

No. We often do inspections for out of state buyers.

Can I be present for the inspection?

In order to get the most accurate and complete inspection, it is best if we plan a time to meet when the inspection is completed. Then I can give a complete overview of the unit as well as answer any questions that you may have.

What if the RV sells before I get the inspection results?

We encourage buyers and sellers to sign an inspection agreement we provide that will eliminate the risk of sale before the buyer's results are analyzed.

How long does it take to get my report?

Usually we will have your report to you with in 24 hours. You will receive your report with 50-100 photos via email. Oil Analysis can take 3-5 business days.

Do you only inspect RVs?

We inspect lots of vehicles beyond RVs! We inspect:

  • Seated buses such as Prevost, MCI, and Van Hool coaches
  • Semi trucks such as Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner and Western Star.
  • Semi truck trailers, horse trailers, living quarters trailers, race car trailers
  • All types of classic and antique vehicles.

What if something goes wrong on the RV or bus after I buy it?

Just like home inspections, RV or bus inspections analyze the condition of the RV at the time of inspection. The full unbiased report will be divulged to the prospective buyer. This creates an educated buyer who can negotiate based on condition. After the inspection occurs conditions can change. Owners and/or dealers can absolutely alter the RV/bus without the inspector's knowledge. I cannot guarantee that an inspected RV or bus will not have issues in the future. I CAN guarantee at the time of inspection, I have done everything on my NRVIA checklist to give an accurate snapshot of it's condition.