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My Approach

Don't regret it, prevent it. With over 24 years of RV owning and driving experience, I'm a walking encyclopedia of RV and custom converted buses. From chassis up, I have repaired and maintained Airstreams to Prevosts. If you are unsure about anything in your RV or custom converted bus (or one you'd like to buy) choose experience.

My Story

My entire adult life has revolved around Recreational Vehicles and Buses.  I bought my first RV in 1994, my first bus in 1998, and pulled  my first series 60 engine out of a Prevost in 2010. In addition to owning a small business for many years, I have worked as a professional Entertainer coach driver, worked as a tech and managed a Custom bus repair shop in Nashville Tennessee.  I have done hundreds of inspections on all types of buses and RVs. As a repair technician I have  worked on just about every aspect of repair on a coach from chassis work (suspensions, drivetrain, brakes etc) to all types of interior repairs and upgrades (flooring, electrical, air conditioning,electronics etc.)  As a technician, I work on everything from 1950 GMC coaches to a 2015 Quad slide Prevosts and Newell coaches,  There is not much I have not tackled over the years.

As a professional driver with a Class A CDL license (Passenger, Haz Mat, air brakes, doubles triples, and tanker endorsements) I have  driven everything from professional entertainers across the country to video crews and even moved heavy equipment.  My life has always revolved around big iron and big rigs.  Other than traveling and RV's my hobby is restoring antique Semi Trucks including Fire trucks, Peterbilts, and Kenworths.

Marco Massei

Level 2 NRVIA Certified Inspector

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