RV/Bus Inspections

With a detailed 60 page report, you can negotiate well. Well performed inspections make informed buyers! It's better to know exactly what you are buying before you commit. Don't make the old adage true - the best two days of owning your rig being the day you buy and the day you sell. RVs and custom converted Buses are fantastic for travel, I know, I've been living in and working on RVs and buses for 24 years! What I've learned is it ALWAYS pays off to know what you are buying! Call today to set up your service appointment. 1-815-751-1208.

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I service all types of RVs and converted coaches, mobile or at our shop in Brooklyn, WI. Most common repair parts in stock from pop-ups to Prevosts.

Certified Aqua-Hot service center

Certified Dometic service center

Good Sam extended warranty repair

Call today to set up your service appointment. 1-815-751-1208.

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RV/Bus School

Don't hit the road without knowing how everything in your RV or bus operates. Travel with confidence, knowing the ins and outs of your rig. Learn about your "house systems" like HVAC, plumbing, and electrical,  also "vehicle sytems" like your engine, suspension, brakes, batteries, and more.

While working as a custom converted bus repair mechanic, I found I'd often spend time teaching owner's just what they owned. Wouldn't you like to know what you've got?

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RV/Bus Indoor Storage

Coming fall 2017! Reserve your spot now.

Approximately 30 minutes south of Madison, WI, and 30 minutes west of Janesville, indoor parking spots for RVs and Buses up to 50 feet long.

Your parking space is fully enclosed in a brand new building with a gravel floor. Brand new building with your own garage door access.

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National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association Certified Level 2


Inspect first!

Midwest RV Bus Inspections is your independent buyer's protection. As a Level 2 NRVIA certified inspector, I'm continually updated with new RV systems through their education program. Plus, my over 24 years of personal experience working on RVs and custom converted buses makes me familiar with changing systems. Those who know me well aren't ever surprised to see the newest rig in my building, I've even restored fire trucks! Even my hobbies revolve around engines, tractors, antique semi-truck restoration, and RVs.

My inspections prepare you for your purchase just like a home inspection. Your in-depth knowledge of the RV condition helps you negotiate better, saving time, money, and frustration. You can never have too much information about your purchase.

With an RV/Bus school session, I'd be happy to show you around your systems, offer advice on maintenance and repairs.

  • Did you know it's recommended after six years tires be replaced no matter how much wear?
  • Did you know that your RV with a rubber roof requires annual maintenance?
  • Did you know that regular fluid analysis can alert you to possible engine, transmission, and coolant problems?

Plus, I can offer advice on replacement parts, how to perform regular maintenance, compile a personalized brand reference sheet, and get every question you have answered.

As a long time RV and bus enthusiast and owner, I am a RV system encyclopedia. While I am comfortable with all RV and custom converted coach systems, I have had advanced training in Dometic air conditioners and refridgerators and Aqua Hot water heaters, among others.

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Are you interested in learning what's hiding in that RV or custom converted bus? Let me tell you.